2014 Workshop – Travel and Directions

To get to Princeton, use the directions provided by Princeton University.

We created a map with all relevant locations, available here.

The conference rooms are located near Fine Hall, where the Department of Mathematics is located. The lecture room is Lewis Library Room 120.

The easiest way to get to the conference from the Nassau Inn is a pleasant walk across the university campus.

To get from the Clarion Hotel/Palmer Inn to the conference, we are setting up a carpooling system. Here’s the information we have so far. If you are not on this list but booked at the Palmer Inn, let us know as soon as possible. If you are renting a car and willing to share rides, let us know as soon as possible. If you’d like to see any of the information below changed, or if it is incorrect, let us know as soon as possible.

  • Car 1:
    • Joe Bonin (driver)
    • Rudi Pendavingh
    • Rong Chen
    • Jasmine Hall
  • Car 2:
    • Carolyn Chun (driver)
    • Rhiannon Hall
    • Steven Noble
    • Nick Brettell
    • Michael Welsh
  • Car 3:
    • Sandra Kingan (driver)
    • Jesse Taylor
    • Jorn van der Pol
    • Hiu-Fai Law
  • Car 4:
    • Gary Gordon (driver)
    • Matthias Hamann
    • João Costalonga
    • Susan Jowett
  • Car 5:
    • Deb Chun (driver)
    • Tyler Moss
    • Jakayla Robbins
    • Xiangqian Zhou
  • Car 6:
    • Dan Slilaty (driver)
    • Petr Hlineny
    • Vaidy Sivaraman
    • Hiu Fai Law
    • Kristen Wetzler
  • Car 7:
    • Martin Storm (driver)
    • Nathan Bowler
    • Johannes Carmesin
    • Ben Clark
    • Simon Pfeil

Remember: always let your driver know if you’re not coming along. Also, don’t keep your car waiting!

An alternative to get to campus is the TigerTransit shuttle, in particular the West Line (see the map for the location of the stops and the timetable for departures). This free bus line runs from 7am to 6pm and will drop you off at the university campus. You can then cut across campus to Fine Hall. This line will not run late enough to return to the hotel after the conference.

A third option is the hotel’s shuttle service. They operate a small van that can pick you up on request. This is not intended as a conference shuttle, the capacity is simply too small, but rather as a backup in case you get stuck.

Finally, there are taxis, though in the Princeton area they tend to be pricy.

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