2014 Workshop — Schedule

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Venue for all talks: Lewis Library Room 120.

Here is the schedule handout.


Monday 21 july

9:15  Opening

9:30  James Oxley    Unavoidable connected matroids retaining a specified minor

10:15  Geoff Whittle   Solving Rota’s Conjecture

11:45  Sang-il Oum   Constructive algorithm for path-width and branch-width of matroids

12:15  Maria Chudnovsky   Coloring graphs with forbidden induced subgraphs

15:00  Dillon Mayhew   Fragility and excluded minors for dyadic matroids

15:30  Ben Clark   Towards an excluded-minor characterisation of the Hydra-5 matroids

16:30  Jorn van der Pol   Counting matroids in minor-closed classes

17:00  Charles Semple   Recovering a binary matroid without knowing its big circuits

17:30  Thomas Savitsky   Enumeration of 2-Polymatroids on up to Seven Elements



Tuesday 22 july

9:00  Joseph Bonin   Presentations and Extensions of Transversal Matroids

9:30  Antoine Poirier   Edge Contraction Reconstruction

10:15  Reinhard Diestel   Unifying duality theorems for width parameters in graphs and matroids

11:45  Mike Newman   Axiomatizing real representability

12:15  Guoli Ding   A splitter theorem for large 3-connected graphs

15:00  Steven Noble   Introduction to delta-matroids

15:30  Carolyn Chun   Inductive tools for delta-matroids

16:30  Vaidy Sivaraman   Mock-threshold graphs

17:00  Joao Costalonga   A splitter theorem

17:30  Talmage James Reid   Binary and Regular Matroids without a Certain Minor



Wednesday 23 july

9:00  Ross Kang   Extension from precoloured sets of edges

9:30  Rong Chen   Intertwining connectivity in matroids

10:15  Jim Geelen   Highly connected matroids in minor-closed classes

11:45  Tony Huynh   Inequivalent representations of highly connected matroids

12:15  Rohan Kapadia   Graph-like representations of represented matroids

15:00  Sonoko Moriyama   Minimal non-orientable matroids of rank three

15:30  Hidefumi Hiraishi   Excluded minors for orientability and representability of matroids

16:30  Michael Welsh   On Maximum-sized Golden-mean Matroids

17:00  Jakayla Robbins   Orienting GF(4)-representable matroids

17:30  Benson Joeris   A refinement of the grid theorem



Thursday 24 july

9:00  Gary Gordon   Linear relations for a generalized Tutte polynomial

9:30  Jesse Taylor   When matroids guarantee their duals as minors

10:15  Daniel Král   Combinatorial limits and matroid theory

11:45  Emmanuel Abbe   Relationships between entropy and matroids

12:15  Haidong Wu   3-Connected binary matroids with no $P_9$-minor

15:00  Nathan Bowler   Infinite trees of matroids

15:30  Johannes Carmesin   Infinite Matroid Intersection Conjecture – An Overview

16:30  Jerzy Wojciechowski   Matchability of pairs of infinite matroids

17:00  Rhiannon Hall   Matroid Tree Width and the Chromatic Polynomial

17:30  Nick Brettell   An algorithm for constructing a matroid’s $k$-tree



Friday 25 july

9:00  Petr Hlineny   Tree-depth and vertex minors

9:30  Sandra Kingan   Splitters and Decomposers for Binary Matroids

10:15  Peter Nelson   Dense triangle-free binary matroids

11:45  Rutger Campbell  Denser triangle-free binary matroids

12:15  Simon Pfeil   Unbreakable Matroids

15:00  Irene Pivotto   Biased graphs with no two vertex-disjoint unbalanced cycles

15:30  Daniel Slilaty   Biased graphs realized by gain functions

16:30  Hiu Fai Law   Infinite gammoids

17:00  Matthias Hamann   Accessibility in transitive graphs

17:30  Closing





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