2014 International Workshop on Structure in Graphs and Matroids

Structural results in graph theory and matroid theory are results that describe families of graphs and matroids in terms of connectivity properties, decompositions, excluded minors, or even more explicit characterizations. Both graph theory and matroid theory have seen some exciting developments in this area in recent years.

The aim of this 5-day workshop is to bring together leading researchers in Graph Theory and Matroid Theory, to encourage communication and collaboration between these researchers, and to bring a new generation of researchers up to date with the exciting developments in the fields.

Organizers: Stefan van Zwam, Rudi Pendavingh

Dates: July 21 – 25, 2014. We start Monday morning and finish Friday at the end of the afternoon.

Location: Princeton, NJ, United States

The workshop is by invitation only.

List of participants:

Alex Scott, Antoine Poirier, Ben Clark, Benson Joeris, Carolyn Chun, Charles Semple, Cheolwon Heo, Dan Král’, Dan Slilaty, Deb Chun, Dillon Mayhew, Don Wagner, Emmanuel Abbe, Gary Gordon, Geoff Whittle, Greg Gauthier, Guoli Ding, Haidong Wu, Henry Crapo, Hidefumi Hiraishi, Hiu Fai Law, Irene Lo, Irene Pivotto, Jakayla Robbins, James Oxley, Jasmine Hall, Jerzy Wojciechowski, Jesse Taylor, Jim Geelen, João Costalonga, Johannes Carmesin, Jorn van der Pol, Joseph Bonin, Joseph Kung, Katherine Edwards, Kristen Wetzler, Manoel Lemos, Maria Chudnovsky, Martin Storm, Matthias Hamann, Michael Welsh, Mike Newman, Nathan Bowler, Neil Robertson, Nick Brettell, Paul Seymour, Peter Nelson, Petr Hlineny, Reinhard Diestel, Rhiannon Hall, Ringi Kim, Rohan Kapadia, Rong Chen, Ross Kang, Rudi Pendavingh, Rutger Campbell, Sandra Kingan, Sang-Il Oum, Simon Pfeil, Sonoko Moriyama, Stefan van Zwam, Steven Noble, Susan Jowett, Talmage James Reid, Thomas Savitsky, Tony Huynh, Tyler Moss, Vaidy Sivaraman, Xiangqiang Zhou.

Travel information

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Supported by the Princeton University Mathematics Department and by DIMACS.


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  1. I’m staying at the Clarion. Is someone interested in share the rent of a car or something like this? (Note: I can’t drive).

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