We’re holding an online “Graphs and Matroids” seminar with talks scheduled weekly on Mondays at 3pm ET (8pm BST, 8am Tue NZDT). Most talks are posted to Youtube, and past abstracts are available.
Password: email rose.mccarty ~at~ uwaterloo ~.~ ca

Upcoming talks:

Nov 2: Attila Joó, The Matroid Intersection Conjecture of Nash-Williams
Nov 9: James Davies, Geometric intersection graphs with large girth and chromatic number

Past talks:

May 4: Nathan Bowler, Quasi-graphic matroids
May 11: Rudi Pendavingh, Counting valuated matroid types
May 18: no talk, Victoria Day
June 15: Rutger Campbell, Matroids doing algebra
June 22: Matthew Kwan, Halfway to Rota’s basis conjecture
June 29: no talk
July 13: Federico Ardila, Geometry of Matroids
July 20: Pascal Gollin, Obstructions for bounded branch-depth in matroids
July 27: Zach Walsh, Quadratically Dense Matroids
Sep 25, 1pm ET: Alexey Pokrovskiy, Rota’s Basis Conjecture holds asymptotically
Oct 12: no talk (Thanksgiving in Canada)
Oct 19: Erik Panzer, The Hepp bound of a matroid: flags, volumes and integrals
The seminar is organized by Jim Geelen, Peter Nelson, and Rose McCarty
Also see the seminar series “Algebraic Matroids and Rigidity Theory” as well as listings at Combinatorics Lectures Online and