Welcome to the matroid union blog. We aim to serve as a meeting place for people in the matroid community (and for those who would like to know more about the subject), to discuss problems and exciting new results, ask questions, advertise events, and circulate news. The blog updates every two weeks on Monday, with possible short notices in between.

Current contributors include:

Dillon Mayhew

Stefan van Zwam

Peter Nelson

Irene Pivotto

Tony Huynh

Nathan Bowler

This is our core group of writers who make sure we have something to offer every two weeks. In addition, we welcome guest posts, so if you have something to write about, please get in touch with us! You can base your post on this template (just download to your computer, and edit in your favorite text editor).

New posts are announced in a few places:

  • Through the RSS feed, which can be followed using RSS readers like Feedly, just like any other blog.
  • Through email, for which you can sign up at the top right of the blog’s main page.
  • Through Twitter, by following @matroidunion.

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