2016 Workshop – Food and Pub of the Day

Eindhoven has a large and varied selection of dining options, from low-budget Italian chain Happy Italy (Catharinaplein 25, no cash) to Michelin-star restaurants Zarzo (Bleekweg 7) and Wiesen (Kleine Berg 10). Many restaurants are concentrated around the Dommelstraat, Markt, and Kleine Berg.

If you are in Eindhoven early, the Foodstock festival takes place on the university campus this weekend.

On Wednesday the conference banquet will take place at De Bengel, Stationsplein 28-29, at time TBA.

In addition to these general guidelines, we’ve selected a Pub of the Day for each conference day, as a specific suggestion to make it easier for conference goers to find each other and have a drink. We haven’t made special arrangements with these restaurants and bars, but they are in areas with many alternatives.

  • Sunday: De Effenaar, Dommelstraat 2
  • Monday: De Wildeman, Markt 10
  • Tuesday: De Baron, Kleine Berg 26
  • Wednesday: De Bengel, Stationsplein 28-29 (conference dinner!)
  • Thursday: Van Moll, Keizersgracht 16A (go here for the beer, they only serve snacks, not meals)
  • Friday: Spiegelbeeld, Dommelstraat 22