2016 International Workshop on Structure in Graphs and Matroids

Structural results in graph theory and matroid theory are results that describe families of graphs and matroids in terms of connectivity properties, decompositions, excluded minors, or even more explicit characterizations. Both graph theory and matroid theory have seen some exciting developments in this area in recent years.

The aim of this 5-day workshop is to bring together leading researchers in Graph Theory and Matroid Theory, to encourage communication and collaboration between these researchers, and to bring a new generation of researchers up to date with the exciting developments in the fields.

Organizers: Stefan van ZwamRudi Pendavingh

Dates: July 25 – 29, 2016. We start Monday morning and finish Friday at the end of the afternoon.

Location: Eindhoven, The Netherlands

The workshop is by invitation only.

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of NETWORKS.

Schedule and slides


Location and facilities

The conference will be hosted by Eurandom, situated in the MetaForum building (C4 on the map). You will find us on the fourth floor, where will we guide you from the elevators, to the conference room. You should have received some directions to get from the hotel to the university by email. Alternatively, you can follow almost the same directions from Google Maps here. The directions will take you through the train station. You can just pass the still open gates, no need to pay.

The room has a projector with VGA and HDMI and a large blackboard with coloured chalk. Please leave no empty seats, we are near the room capacity. There is wifi through eduroam and through the TU/e guest network. We have reserved smaller breakout rooms as well.

Lunch will be provided at De Zwarte Doos (B5 on the map). On Wednesday, we will have a conference banquet at De Bengel, Stationsplein 28-29. We will do a count on Monday for who will participate. For the other nights, check out this page:

Food and Pub of the Day

List of participants:

Immanuel Albrecht, Guus Bollen, Valerio Boncampagni, Joseph Bonin, Nathan Bowler, Nick Brettell, Kathie Cameron, Rutger Campbell, Will Chritchlow, Deb Chun, Carolyn Chun, Ben Clark, Henry Crapo, Zdeněk Dvořák, Tara Fife, Daryl Funk, Jim Geelen, Gary Gordon, Kevin Grace, Rhiannon Hall, Hidefumi Hiraishi, Winfried Hochstättler, Tony Huynh, Benson Joeris, Gwenael Joret, Susan Jowett, Relinde Jurrius, Ross Kang, Sandra Kingan, Edward Lee, Manoel Lemos, Dillon Mayhew, Martin Merker, Iain Moffat, Sonoko Moriyama, Tyler Moss, Peter Nelson, Nancy Ann Neudauer, Mike Newman, Steven Noble, James Oxley, Rudi Pendavingh, Leonidas Pitsoulis, Jorn van der Pol, Luke Postle, Andrew Probert, Cynthia Rodriguez-Villalobos, Thomas Savitsky, Charles Semple, Vaidyanathan Sivaraman, Marilena Vretta, Kristina Vušković, Zach Walsh, Kristen Wetzler, Geoffrey Whittle, Stefan van Zwam.