Google Summer of Code 2014

Google’s Summer of Code is an annual event in which Google will pay a bunch of students to spend the summer writing code for open-source projects.

As last year, Sage┬áis one of the mentoring organizations, and as last year, we are hoping to have one of about 4 students work on Sage’s matroid capabilities. We are looking for an undergraduate or graduate student who

  • Knows a bit of matroid theory (some possible topics require more knowledge than others)
  • Has some programming experience, preferably in Python
  • Wants to work on building exciting mathematics software for 3 months during the summer
  • Would like the word “Google” on his or her CV
  • Is interested in earning 5500 US dollars and a t-shirt

On the ideas page, a list of possible features to work on can be found. Students must produce a detailed proposal including a timeline with milestones. Early interaction with the mentors is important: we want to know you’re serious about this, and able to deliver. The place for this is the sage-gsoc Google group.

If you know an interested student, send her or him to this post. If you are an interested student, study the links above to figure out the requirements, timeline, etc. One important date: applications must be in on


and we’d like to start working on the proposal with you well before then.

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