Dear readers,

We started this blog with weekly posts. The idea was for this blog to be the go-to place for news from the matroid theory community, and we felt that a weekly schedule would help with that. Unfortunately, a weekly schedule also places a burden on the writers, and we received feedback from some readers, who indicated they had trouble keeping up with the blog at this pace.

For these reasons, we are going to reduce the frequency of posts a little. We’re aiming for a post every two weeks. New posts will, as always, be announced in a few places:

  • Through the RSS feed, which can be followed using RSS readers like Feedly, just like any other blog.
  • Through email, for which you can sign up at the top right of the blog’s main page.
  • Through Twitter, by following @matroidunion.

If you want to help out, we welcome guest posts. You can base your post on this template (just download to your computer, and edit in your favorite text editor).

Tune in next time for another guest post by Jim Geelen!

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