Online Talk: Johannes Carmesin

YouTube recording:

The online Graphs and Matroids seminar will meet over Zoom every other Thursday, starting on Jan 19 with a talk by Johannes Carmesin. We hope to see you there!

Time: Thursday, Jan 19, 3pm EST (8pm GMT, 9am Fri NZDT)

Speaker: Johannes Carmesin, University of Birmingham
Title: Dual matroids of 2-complexes
Abstract: A fundamental theorem in matroid theory is Whitney’s theorem,saying that a graph is planar if and only if the dual of its cycle matroidis graphic. Like plane graphs, 2-complexes C embedded in 3-space have dualgraphs; their vertices are the chambers of the embedding and two chambersare adjacent if they share a face. This dual graph of C can be describedthrough a dual matroid of the 2-complex C. How can Whitney’s theorem beextended to 2-complexes?







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