Online Talk: Archontia Giannopoulou

Tuesday, Jan 25, 3pm ET (8pm GMT, 9am Wed NZDT)
Archontia Giannopoulou, University of Athens
A Matching Theoretic Flat Wall Theorem

One of the key theorems in Graph Minors is the Flat Wall Theorem which asserts the existence of a large wall under certain conditions. In this talk, we discuss about graphs with perfect matchings and their relationship with digraphs. Our main focus is on a matching theoretic analogue of the Flat Wall Theorem for bipartite graphs excluding a fixed matching minor. The tight relationship between structural digraph theory and matching theory that allows us to obtain the aforementioned version of Flat Wall Theorem further allow us to deduce a Flat Wall Theorem for digraphs which substantially differs from a previously established directed variant of this theorem.
Joint work with Sebastian Wiederrecht.

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