Online Talk: Relinde Jurrius

Tuesday, Nov 2, 3pm EDT (7pm GMT, 8am Wed NZDT)
Relinde Jurrius, Netherlands Defence Academy
The direct sum of q-matroids

For classical matroids, the direct sum is one of the most straightforward methods to make a new matroid out of existing ones. This talk focusses on the direct sum of q-matroids, the q-analogues of matroids. This is a lot less straightforward than in the classical case, as I will try to convince the audience. We will see a definition of the direct sum for q-matroids, using q-polymatroids and matroid union. As a motivation for this definition, I will list several desirable properties of this construction.

For a handwaving and colorful introduction to q-matroids, see the blog post here: This talk will use roughly the same amount of handwaving and colors and does not assume any prior knowledge about q-matroids.

This talk is based on joint work with Michela Ceria.

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