Online Talk: Tara Fife

Tuesday, Oct 19, 3pm ET (8pm BST, 8am Wed NZST)
Tara Fife, Queen Mary University of London
(Minimal) Tropical Basis for Matroids

Password: email shaylaredlin ~at~ gmail ~.~ com (The password is the same format as usual, but first instead of last.)
Counterintuitively, a tropical basis for a matroid is not a type of basis or even a collection of basis. Rather it is a type of subset of the circuit set of a matroid which uniquely determines the matroid. In this talk, we will start by introducing a purely combinatorial definition of (minimal) tropical basis for matroids. We will explore how this definition is equivalent to the standard (algebraic) definition of tropical basis for matroids, and we will discuss some preliminary results. No advanced algebra background is assumed. This is joint work with Yelena Mandelshtam.

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