Blog content from 2020

This post contains a list of our content from 2020 for easy access. The online talks will resume on January 11 with a talk by Stephan Kreutzer from TU Berlin. Thanks to everyone who participated in the open problems session – it was great seeing the problems and seeing you there! Have a good winter break.


Blog posts:


Online talks [also see the Youtube playlist]:

May 4: Nathan Bowler, Quasi-graphic matroids
May 11: Rudi Pendavingh, Counting valuated matroid types
June 15: Rutger Campbell, Matroids doing algebra
July 13: Federico Ardila, Geometry of Matroids
July 20: Pascal Gollin, Obstructions for bounded branch-depth in matroids
July 27: Zach Walsh, Quadratically Dense Matroids

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