Online talk: James Oxley

We’re happy to announce that the online matroid theory seminar starts this week with a talk by James Oxley. We’ll be posting the details of each talk about a week beforehand. Please keep an eye out for these posts as we may need to do some schedule adjustment for talks after this week. Any changes will be reflected on the Talks page.

Thanks for your support as we figure out this new format. We’re happy to hear from you – please email rose.mccarty ~at~ uwaterloo ~.~ ca if you’d like to share any feedback.

Thurs, April 16 3pm ET (8pm BST, 7am Fri NZDT)
James Oxley, LSU
The binary matroids with no odd circuits of size exceeding five
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It is well known that a graph has no odd cycles if and only if it is bipartite. In 1992, Maffray showed that a $2$-connected simple graph that has a triangle but no larger odd cycles is isomorphic to $K_4$ or can be obtained by gluing together a collection of triangles across a common edge. This talk will discuss extensions of these results to binary matroids. This is joint work with Carolyn Chun and Kristen Wetzler.

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