Innovations in Graph Theory and Open Access Journals

A new diamond open access journal has recently launched called Innovations in Graph Theory.  The journal has an excellent editorial board and will be completely free for both authors and readers.  

Innovations in Graph Theory has informed us that matroid theory submissions are very welcome.  All Matroid Union editors are strong proponents of open access publishing, and so we encourage our readers to consider sending their matroid theory papers to Innovations in Graph Theory.  Other topics related to graph theory are also within the new journal’s scope.  Please see the new journal website for more information about how the new journal will function.  The first issue of the journal is expected to appear in 2024.  

We also would like to point out some other open access journals that accept submissions in matroid theory.  These include the Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science, Advances in CombinatoricsCombinatorial Theory, and Discrete Analysis. Please feel free to point out other matroid theory friendly journals that are open access in the comments.

Online Talk: Kathryn Nurse

Youtube recording:

Please advertise this talk at your home institution. Anyone is welcome to attend! 

Time: Wednesday, Oct 18 at 3pm ET

Speaker: Kathryn Nurse, Simon Fraser University
Title: Seymour’s 6-flow theorem – a short proof

Abstract: Tutte conjectured in 1954 that every bridgeless graph has a nowhere-zero 5-flow. In 1982, Seymour showed that it is true when 5 is replaced with 6. In this talk, I present a short variation of Seymour’s proof. This work is joint with Matt DeVos.