Online Talk: Abhinav Shantanam

Monday, June 7, 3pm ET (8pm BST, 7am Tue NZST)
Abhinav Shantanam, Simon Fraser University
Pancyclicity in $4$-connected planar graphs

A graph on $n$ vertices is said to be pancyclic if, for each $k \in \{3,…,n\}$, it contains a cycle of length $k$. Following Bondy’s meta-conjecture that almost any nontrivial condition on a graph which implies Hamiltonicity also implies pancyclicity, Malkevitch conjectured that a $4$-regular, $4$-connected planar graph containing a $4$-cycle is pancyclic. We show that, for any edge $e$ in a $4$-connected planar graph $G$, there exist $\lambda(n-2)$ cycles of pairwise distinct lengths containing $e$, where $5/12 \leq \lambda \leq 2/3$. Joint work with Bojan Mohar.